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Career tips for success

7 Career tips for success


Successful career is often presumed by many that it only comes with a Bachelor’s degree. There are various career choices that you can make to be successful which are not just limited to a 4-year Bachelor’s degree in any field.


As per the New York Fed data, American’s having a bachelor’s degree earned less last year than in 1990. Keep your options open!

Here are the 7 Career tips for success


1) Identify Your Goals


What is your Goal? What do you want to achieve in your life? Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?


Ask these questions to your self before you even consider to follow a career route.


Know yourself First. Don't follow a pattern that everybody does.


Go deep and make an in depth self analysis to identify your desires and your astute goals. Write it down.


Both Desires and Goals should match somewhere to have a successful life and career journey.

2) Discover your interest

You should do what you love the most. Don’t get carried away by the opinions of your friends/family to follow what everybody is doing.


Discover your interest, find out what you always have loved doing since childhood.


You loved doing practical work? You loved helping your dad repairing his car? Automobile Repair is the career you need.


Are you patient enough to sit at one place for 12 hours in front of computer? Or you would rather be on the field and like field work?


Be a Welder. Or Be a Plumber. (Yes, these professions currently pay more than any other professions)


3) Know Your strengths


What are you capable of? What pulls you down? Know your strengths as well as your weaknesses and Adapt your life to the conditions you are put in.


Learn to remove distractions and focus on priorities.

Leverage your wisdom and skills for the best practices.


4) Choose a career that is enjoyable

Money and success goes hand in hand, it will come if you love what you do. Instead of focussing on money, enjoy your work. Be happy with your work. Success is an ingredient of happiness. Happiness is not a byproduct of success. Enjoyment in work is the crucial component on the journey of achievements and success.


5) Seek education for your interest and Keep upgrading your skills



Now that you have known your goals, desires and strengths, move towards seeking education. Gain knowledge from an institute or take a course to have hands on or industrial skills. One of the trusted institutes I have come across is PTTI , they even provide Virtual Reality based training in the beginning so that you can settle your hands and get a grip on a basic level and then they provide you direct hands on training. PTTI also have all the advance equipments and machines which are used in the industries for training their students.


It is well said by Sir Francis Bacon “Knowledge is power”. Gain as much knowledge you can. Upgrade your skills from time to time to survive and be successful in this advanced competitive world.


6) Socialize

Build opportunities through socialising and making connections. Successful people always network with new people to have new chances of using other’s skills and of course providing your skills in return, be it money or tech.

Make Social Media Profiles, connect over LinkedIn, join Facebook groups etc. You never know who you come across with.

7) Seek Satisfaction

Have contentment in whatever you achieved. Do not forget your own self in the flee of achieving your goals. And lastly, as a tip, let go off some unrealistic goals and spend time with your family. Set priorities. Have confidence in destiny!


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