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In the book The New New Thing, Jim Clark is described as the man with his finger on the pulse of the future.  He had the ability to create three companies that each reached $1 billion in market valuation—Silicon Graphics, Netscape, and Healtheon.  His entr
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Is price the reason people purchase from you?  Maybe it's delivery or quality.  In determining where to position a company, leadership has to address the issue of what to offer and promote to the company's customer base.  Let's take a look at companies inv
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Often caught up in day-to-day operations, it's easy for management—especially management in small to mid-sized companies—to let strategic planning rest on a back burner, if it's addressed at all.  Lack of strategic planning is often due to three factors:
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While interviewing an owner of a California-based manufacturing firm, I realized that he, too, has the same fear of smallness that many leaders hold.  Not long ago, the prestige in owning a firm or managing an operation was the size of the company—how many
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On what do we focus our mental efforts and our company resources?  The past couple of years was a time of expansion.  Companies large and small worked on projects and allocated resources in areas that would strengthen their businesses against competition. 
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I was sipping hot chocolate in a makeshift lodge half way up a mountain when a physician and his wife engaged me in conversation about his office.  Apparently, he was happy with his abilities as a physician, but having received no formal education regardin
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When you welcomed 2002, did you find a noticeable improvement in company-wide quality compared with 2001?  Did you take the time to create the strategies and tactics that would enable your organization to be more competitive and more prepared than in years
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  How long have we confused putting the customer first with the twisted concept that the customer is always right?  The customer is NOT always right.  In fact, some customers are so wrong they should be banned from using your products and services
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Sometimes the biggest changes come from the smallest adjustments in the way we do things or conduct ourselves.  If you’ve become complacent or just feel like you need a fresh approach, you can take action without reinventing the wheel.  Here are 22 tips th
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Watch out…the world is turning pink!  And if you’re not careful, your car, your couch, or your computer could be next.   We’re talking about the pink stamp that the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation seems to be putting on everything from M&M ca
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