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We watch televisions knowing that they're produced in Japan.  We drive American cars composed of 60% Canadian parts.  We wear clothes made in Korea.  These are all examples of globalization that are commonplace to us.  As consumers, we understand and accep
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Your objective is either to enter a market or to compete more profitably in your existing market.  The process by which you reach your objective is Strategic Planning.  This article examines two areas of strategic planning—market qualifiers and order winne
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Would it surprise you that during the Great Depression there were businessmen who earned tens of thousands of dollars per year?  For most of us, talk of the Depression conjures up images of bread lines and scarcity. After watching business news reports tod
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Efficient project management is an ace in the executive card deck.  That’s because everything you do is a project.  Maybe you’ve never thought about it that way before. Let’s say you operate a shipping terminal for Con-Way Central Express and you need the
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How do you increase sales?  Depends on whom you ask.  Sales managers tout sales techniques.  Production personnel boast superior quality.  Customer service reps credit outstanding call-back time.  But business owners and executives should say all of the ab
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Are you’re consistently unhappy with hiring decisions, or do you just want to hire better?  Overhaul or modify your hiring process.  Changing the way you hire changes the types of people you hire.  Hiring is typically tactical: collect resumes, conduct int
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  Does looking at the economy and then back at your financials make you feel grim?  You might not be as bad off as you thought you were.  Since the economy shifted, the DOW and NASDAQ have hit new lows, droves have walked the unemployment plank, a
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We love and hate voice mail.    We love it because it enables people to communicate with others even when one party isn’t available.  Often times, getting voicemail is even more productive than talking directly to the person you’re calling, especially wh
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We’ve all got pet peeves.  Things that others do that tend to tick us off.  It may be that your employees run out the door at 5 PM and yet they’re supposed to work until 5 and then leave.  It may be that your co-manager leaves you to finish the financial r
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I have a pet peeve.  It’s when business leaders latch onto a cliché or buzz word and use it as the basis for important decisions. Just because something sounds cute doesn’t mean it’s good for business, it applies 100% of the time, or that it’s even true. I
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