Communications and customers are a package deal in the business world.  When we look at communications and how they link to our customers, we need to look at two facets of communication—the type of communications used and the deployment of the method chose
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Two hundred years ago, Eli Whitney’s cotton gin brought mass production to plantation fields.  In the late 1800’s, Andrew Carnegie’s redesigned facilities introduced the latest manufacturing strategies of conveyors, pulleys, and streamlined production tact
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You expected a package to arrive two days ago.  It’s still not in your hands.  Irritated, you call the vendor.  Not even bothering with customer service, you ask for the manager. Reluctantly customer service patches you through.    Muffling the anger, af
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You want to buy a new company, expand operations, acquire a business, or raise capital.  You’ve decided to go for venture capital funding versus a bank loan for a multitude of reasons from the risks involved to the amount you need to carry out your plan.
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Everyone falls down sometimes. Like toddlers aiming to walk and athletes stretching their limits, if you’re in management, you, too, have fallen down here and there.  Maybe an initiative flopped, you lost a big account, or the economy took an unexpected tu
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