When phones are not ringing and payroll must be paid, it's tough to say no to a prospective customer.  In retail sales or B2B, there's much to be said about declining to offer your services.  Several years ago, when the economy was much like it is today, a
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Do you know the difference between a job shop, batch processing, or continuous flow?  Over the past few decades the term mass customization entered the vocabulary as a methodology for producing high volume of a product with some customization.  Levis Strau
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Do you dream at night of your sales force closing all the deals in your pipeline only to wake up and realize that you still don't have the Ferrari in your driveway, and that very few of the leads you get ever turn into cash?  Your company's approach to sal
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Want a winning team?  Start with Grade-A “ingredients.” Northwestern University was notorious for its 20-season losing streak.  But after Coach Gary Barnett took over the reigns, the team turned around and made it to a bowl game.  During the pre-bowl game
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  Why is it that no matter what you do to boost morale, from parties and picnics to pats on the back, you end up with the same short-lived results?  You know, everyone’s happy for a couple of weeks, then they default to heel-dragging and excuse-ma
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One thing that keeps a manager up all night is the prospect of finding new customers. So what do you do when a customer who could give you a lot of business calls, but everything about the prospective account says it may be risky?  What if the person pays
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  There are all sorts of challenges in the business world—how to manage people, how to generate growth, how to create new products and services.  And while all of them are often discussed, one challenge is almost always raised while speaking with
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Part of our preparation system for presenting at national conferences is to conduct interviews with prospective members of the audience.  The typical interview takes about one hour and during that time I always ask this one question, as it forces the inter
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Perched hundreds of feet above an empty basin in the heart of Wyoming, I looked out at what appeared to be a cow wandering in the fields.  Hundreds of acres and no other cows. No fence. No ranch. No one.   “Where?” asked a man next to me. Pointing to tum
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Why do so few managers consistently work on developing and honing their selling skills?  Is “sales” a dirty word and beneath the job title?  Do leaders believe they’re born with talent that surpasses any structured sales class?   Our contact with leaders
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