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It's a love-hate relationship.  People love what technology can do for them, but they hate the actual processes of converting and initially implementing that technology.  Here are two tactics from which to choose when instituting new initiatives—full integ
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Burt Rutan was once quoted as saying, "If you don't have confidence in nonsense you cannot have a breakthrough."  His "nonsense" culminated in a 1986 flight of the Voyager aircraft.  It was an aircraft that traveled around the world non-stop without refuel
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When I was a teen, our local Kiwanis was putting on a circus.  The organization was hiring students to telemarket to area businesses, requesting that they sponsor kids who were otherwise unable to attend.  My father suggested that I participate, and I did.
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Do you ever start a project with the intent not to finish?  Of course not.  But we find ourselves, from time to time, not finishing.  We start New Year’s resolutions and stop weeks into the program.  We start business projects, from writing the new company
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A year ago we published an article based on the experiences of a woman who was told by university professors that, because her college-level business education was ten years old, it was out of date.  On-the-job experience was discounted, if not ignored alt
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Many of our readers enjoyed the GSR Cycle and requested more information on goal setting.  The subject receives a lot of attention from a multitude of sources, yet we want to honor your requests.  Therefore, we're specifically addressing the dimension of g
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Wanting a change and looking for a change are two different things.  Watch a person's actions to see what they truly desire.  For example, look at the person who always says that he wants to be a writer...but never writes.  Or the individual who says he wa
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Essentially, to motivate a piece of equipment to operate, you need to give it the proper source of energy and to push the start button.  If only people were so easy.  Authors like Bob Nelson, in 1001 Ways To Reward Employees, provides ideas and techniques
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Not to be arrogant, but I must ask this question; How many of our readers can understand an Income Statement or a Balance Sheet?  Surprisingly one might easily guess, and rightly so, that few are qualified on the basics. Whether it's an educational problem
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Among the perceived advantages of the new technological advances are those falling under the topic of e-learning, and by association, computer based training (CBT).  Note how you perceived the terminology.   In order to discuss e-learning and CBT, we'll
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