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1) Try to find a career path for the job you are in. What is the next logical promotion or job that would give you greater responsibilities if you do your job well? Is it higher paying, does it have more responsibilities? If there is no career path and you
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MentorshipOnline's Value Proposition to Emerging Companies: We help the emerging leader companies look at the "Big Picture" inorder to be able to adapt to complex situations within any environment for the best quality and business results. Leadership in
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Maslows hierarchy of need states that we need food, shelter, love, acceptance personal growth (find and express personal gifts) and ultimately to know that we have made a difference. Knowing that in some way we are helping others is one of the great joys
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Effective delegation provides a powerful coaching tool for developing people while meeting organizational needs.  Deliberate, conscious, and artful delegation empowers individuals and teams to make quantum leaps forward in delivering impressive results.  E
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